The Stork’s Warehouse: The Best Pregnancy Subscription

Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about an amazing company called The Storks’ Warehouse. Rose Campbell, a mom of 5 from Katy, TX, is the co-founder along with another mom named Jennifer Jeppson. The Stork’s Warehouse offers amazing gift boxes for every trimester of pregnancy, including breastfeeding, and newborn. The fact that they offer boxes for those last two is what really sets them apart from other subscription boxes out there, in my opinion. The newborn/postpartum phase (also known as the fourth trimester) is arguably the hardest a new mom will go through. What makes this company even more special is that, Rose and Jennifer are both advocates of motherhood and birth professionals that met through the doula community. So, these boxes are not only hand curated by moms, but also doula approved! How great is that?! Their boxes are the perfect gift for a pregnant friend or new mom, and also a great way to treat yourself during pregnancy!

Let’s dive further into the breastfeeding box; it really is so amazing for new moms! This box now features the Nustle by Mama’s Milk Wrap. Mama’s Milk Wrap is a non-ingestible breastfeeding aid that offers full coverage, hands-free pumping, and has a conforming design that supports natural production and suppression. The natural production and suppression is supported through heat and cold therapy. The wrap can also be used prior to the birth of baby as a belly support band (I don’t know how I would have survived my third trimester without a belly support band) with heat or cold therapy on mama’s back. This hot and cold therapy can then also be used postpartum to support healing through temperature therapy. What sets this wrap apart is that it follows your entire breastfeeding journey. How nice does that sound? 🙂 Every wrap comes with a free lactation consultation so that mama can get the support she needs. With this amazing product, it’s no wonder that the Ultimate Breastfeeding Box is the top seller. Another top seller is the Newborn Box.

To shop that amazing wrap, go to:

The Stork’s Warehouse has such a wonderful range of products and they even offer virtual baby showers! What are you waiting for? Do yourself or a friend of yours a favor and get one of these amazing boxes 🙂

To learn more about The Stork’s Warehouse and to shop, check out their social media and website!


Instagram: @thestorkswarehouse

Facebook: @thestorkswarehouse


Below is an interview between Katy Moms Network and Rose Campbell that explains a little bit more about the company and how it all got started. I really love how honest she is. Honest moms are the best moms 🙂

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy/Houston area?

I was born and raised in Katy, TX.

How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?

I have 1 boy and 4 girls. They’re 6, 4, 3, 2, and my youngest is 1.

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in the Katy area?

I care a lot about the schools my kids attend, and I just love that Katy has a really great educational system.

Greatest Gift about being a mom?

To me, one of the best parts of being a mom is the end of the day snuggles and I love you’s. It’s just a blessing to get to watch them grow into these amazing little people.

Least favorite mom job?

My least favorite chore is cleaning and laundry- it never ends!

Best mom hack that makes life easier?

I have Busy Bins for each of the kids. I fill a tin lunchbox with magnets, stickers, and some Duplo Legos to take on-the-go and have a special basket at home with Water Wows, reusable stickers, special snacks, and lift-the-flap books. Busy bins are great for travel, restaurants, or when I just need to get some things done. They also really came in handy when I was busy nursing a newborn or just needed some peace and quiet for a bit. The trick to making them work is to only have them out at the designated times and then
putting them away right after.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

People are constantly surprised by how young I am, after they hear about the successful businesses I have run and the number of children I have!

Tell us about The Stork’s Warehouse! When did you begin this business endeavor?

We’re a brand new business; we just opened in 2019! The Stork’s Warehouse is all about offering parents great products, at great prices that they can trust because they’ve been tested by people who are not only mom’s, but doulas too.

What products or services do you offer?

We offer gift boxes for every trimester of pregnancy, including postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn with several new boxes in the works. All our products are mom tested, doula approved!

What did you do prior to starting your business?

I’ve spent the last 5 or more years as a doula and, more recently, added work as a Mommy Influencer with Corralling The Campbell’s.

You run this business with another mama, how did you know each other before and what was the inspiration behind starting your own business?

Jennifer and I are both moms, advocates, and birth professionals who met through the doula community. We realized that a portion of the services we were providing our clients including providing them with recommendations for good quality products that fit their needs; from there The Stork’s Warehouse was born!

How do you hope to impact and help moms/pregnant women with your products and baskets?

We’re hoping to take some of the guesswork and stress out of being a new parent and eventually be able to provide them a resource where they can find everything they need in one place.

How does being a mom yourself impact and influence your product selection at The Stork’s Warehouse?

I think of the things that I want to see in a product and apply it to every item we test- we look for quality, good prices, convenience, and ease of use.

Best advice for working moms who experience the inevitable and dreaded MOM GUILT?

Please don’t compare yourself to other moms. Most people put up a good front, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a messy kitchen behind closed doors. Just focus on meeting your family’s needs; that’s all you can really do and is all your children will ask of you.

Who has most influenced you to be the mom you are today?

I was a foster child growing up and was adopted late in my childhood. My mom is of course a huge influence on how I raise my kids, but I’m grateful to be able to say that I had a lot of people in and out of the foster care system that provided me with amazing examples on how to be a good parent.

When parenting gets hard, what’s something you tell yourself that gets you through?

I remind myself that parenting IS hard, especially when you’re doing it right. Good parents make mistakes and apologize. Good parents go-against-the-flow, even when it would be so much easier to let things go and not say what needs to be said, or enforce the rules, or follow through with discipline or promises. Good parents cry. And doubt. And wonder. And pray.


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