Postpartum Body – A Poem

And so I made a little girl

How super cool for me

I waited 9 long months for this

And now my body’s free

It’s also very different and

I’m getting sick of this

I’ll fill you in on how a baby

Screws your shit up, sis

First and most important

Is the sweat and bad BO

You’ll think you turned into a man

Your nose will say ‘oh no!”

And then you’ll start to lose your hair

It falls in clumps all day

Honestly, I’m so surprised

I still have hair today

The joint pain really kills me

From my hands down to my toes

I cannot run or jump no more

That’s how this story goes

Probably the hardest change

Has been my monthly rag

It’s heavier; I bleed and bleed

It really is a drag

I had love for this body

Just a few short months ago

But now my hormones evened out

I just feel gross, you know?

I love my little girl

And even with all this, I’m glad

But all these changes all at once

Make me a little sad

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