Sleep Regressions

I definitely thought that once we were past the newborn phase, things would only get better. Lilly finally started sticking to a schedule during the day and, I even got her down to one feeding at night. Easy peezy, right?

Ha! Ha…help me.

She hit her first sleep regression at around 4 months and, I honestly didn’t think I’d survive. She was waking up 3 times at night and I just wasn’t getting any sleep. Apparently, the 4 month regression is definitely a thing and all moms struggle with it. So glad I was prepared for that… :/ This sleep regression lasted about 3 weeks and felt like 3 months. We ultimately survived and things finally went back to normal.

Lillian is now 7 and a half months old and it seems she’s hit another big regression. This one is known as Leap 6 and, according to my bestie, Google, it’s considered the worst of them all.

Not only does Lilly need to eat more at night but, she can’t seem to stay asleep for very long. She still takes naps during the day but, it takes a lot longer to get her down and her naps are very short. She’ll wake up from a nap still exhausted and then spend hours fussing until it’s time for her to eat again. This vicious cycle has been my life the past few weeks and, I’m finding it hard to cope.

The good thing about sleep regressions, though, is that this means she is learning new skills and developing. Lillian can do so much more now and, if I dig down real deep in my soul, this makes the lack of sleep worth it. Lilly is so much more active and interested in her surroundings; everything fascinates her! I wish I could be as easily entertained.

She is fascinated by phones and remotes – anything that isn’t actually hers – and she’ll do whatever it takes to get them. She has learned to army crawl and this seems to be her favorite mode of transport. Placing her on our bed is no longer an option because she’ll army crawl right off of it trying to get to my nightstand so I spend a lot of my day just holding her in my arms.

Life with Lillian has become a bit more complicated and I’m hoping I can get through this current rough patch in one piece.

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