Do me a solid.

So, we have finally started trying to feed Lilly solid foods.

Mush. We’re feeding her mush.

I didn’t think that it would be difficult but, Lilly doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening. She opens her mouth now and lunges for the spoon but, she then get’s confused when she feels the puree. I don’t think she knows that it’s food or that she needs to actually swallow it. Food usually hangs out in her mouth and then falls right back out again. She may also just not like the flavor or texture.

We’ve tried the little jars (I’ve been buying Beech Nut mostly) and more recently some of the mush pouches. I bought the pouches in the hopes that it would feel similar to a bottle and Lilly would have an easier time. Honestly, I’m totally guessing here and just winging everything.

And then there’s the baby cereal which you mix with formula/breast milk. Lilly doesn’t seem to like that either… I think it’s going to be a challenge weaning her off of formula.

Another challenge is the baby food aisle at the grocery store. I usually just stand there like an idiot for a looong time. There are so many options! If you ever see me, I’m usually stopped there googling everything, staring at the food, and then googling some more. Also, baby food is apparently separated into levels.

Level 1: This level starts at about 4 months. These jars only contain one food ingredient and the mush is still pretty watery so it’s easy to swallow.

Level 2: This level starts at about 6 months and that’s where we are now. These jars and pouches contain 3 or 4 different foods mixed together. Honestly, the food combinations are gross but, I guess babies don’t know what good food is yet.

The levels continue past 4 I think but, we’re definitely not ready for any of that.

The pouches have been going over a little easier than the jars; she’s able to suck the mush out of the pouch rather than getting confused by a spoon in there. I also bought her some teether crackers and she seems to like those. Again, I don’t think she realizes it’s food but, she at least likes to munch on it. These teethers are cool because they dissolve really easily to keep baby from choking.

I’ve been super nervous about introducing Lilly to solid foods because I’m so afraid of her choking but, we have to start sometime. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it eventually but, it’s definitely going to take a little while.

Let’s hope she learns how to eat before college! :p

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