Flying with a Baby

Lillian spent her first Thanksgiving in Girard, Ohio. We decided to spend time with my dad’s side of the family this year and I’m happy that Lilly got to meet some more family members 🙂 This was also Lillian’s first time on an airplane and we took 4 flights total.

I have never been so tired in my life.

Airport/Airplane Baby Hacks:

  • Bring a baby carrying apparatus of your choice and just wear it on you
  • Wear baby through security (they’ll have to scan the carseat and stroller)
  • Check the stroller and carseat at the gate before you board – this way you’ll get them right back as soon as you deplane
  • Feed baby during takeoff and landing (they’ll be distracted and may not notice their ears popping – they may even fall asleep)
  • Come to terms with the fact that you may have a fussy baby for some, if not most, of the trip

We woke up at 4 a.m. last Tuesday with one hour to finish packing, dress Lilly, feed Lilly, load up the car, and head to the airport. 2 suitcases and a diaper bag. In one suitcase was one of Lilly’s boppies along with her clothes for the week. If you’re traveling with an infant, just leave the boppy at home. I packed it thinking it would make feeding her easier but, it just takes up space. The boppy took up more than half of the suitcase but, luckily, her clothes are so small that I could fold them and they fit just fine on top. I felt so smart packing double the amount of clothes she would need but, I underestimated how much Lilly would spit up. They tell you that babies spit up a lot but…babies spit up A LOT. Honestly, I should not have changed her as much as I did; I just didn’t want my girl to have to hang out with spit up on her clothes. My husband, on the other hand, kept saying I should just leave her since she would inevitably just spit up again. If you don’t want to end up changing clothes and doing laundry all day, a little spit up never hurt anybody.

The second suitcase had mine and Paul’s clothes and bathroom bag. Inside the diaper bag was everything we would need on hand for the flights. This included diapers, wipes, an entire formula canister, a few bibs, a burp cloth, two extra pacifiers (no matter how many pacifiers you have, it’s an unwritten law that you must lose all of them), and all of the baby bottles we own.

I also had a front carrier strapped to me thinking it would make holding her on the plane easier. I made sure Lilly was good with that carrier a few days before we left but, for some reason, she was not having any of it as soon as we got to the airport. So, we ended up holding Lilly on our laps through each flight and it’s amazing how heavy 11 pounds actually is.

Actually, I would like to really drive that last point home. My husband got stuck holding Lillian in one very specific position for several hours straight so that she would sleep. His back still hurts and he really does not recommend it.

Honestly, Lilly did as well on the planes as you’d expect any 5 month old to but, it was a total beat down on us. Had Lilly been a little older, I could have sat her down with a coloring book or something but, all she could do was eat, be uncomfortable, smile at strangers, and eventually nap. Also, changing babies in plane bathrooms is hard.

But we survived! We survived and are now more prepared for the next time we take Lilly on a plane.

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