Traveling with a Baby

Hey guys! Since last week’s post was a bit of a downer, I decided to change it up a bit. Paul and I have now gone on several road trips with Lilly and I wanted to share some tips and tricks how to make traveling with a baby an efficient and bearable experience.

Packing for a road trip: Honestly, it feels like we just pack everything we own but, here’s a list of the essential items that are always on the list.

  • Travel bassinet or Pack ‘n Play (unless there’s already one where you’re going)
  • Diapers, diapers, and more diapers
  • Wipes, wipes, and more wipes
  • Several bottles (if you’re bottle feeding) – the more bottles you bring, the less you have to wash them 🙂
  • Formula (if you aren’t breastfeeding) – I always like to buy a new canister for the trip so I know we won’t run out.
  • A few more bibs than you think you’ll need. Lilly’s the messiest eater and having too many bibs is better than too few.
  • Burp cloth(s)
  • At least 2 outfits for each day in case of spit up or blowouts (Paul and I just end up bringing all of the onesies we own)
  • A swaddle sack for nighttime
  • If you have a sound machine you use at home, bring it on the trip. It’ll be comforting for baby and, hopefully, they won’t have trouble adjusting to a new place.

During the road trip:

  • Before you leave, calculate how many feedings you think baby will need during the road trip and make sets of pre-portioned water and formula bottles. This way, you don’t have to worry about formula going bad and all you have to do is pour the powder in the water and mix when it’s time for baby to eat. This makes it way easy to make formula on the go. This is my favorite trick.
  • Babies can be successfully bottle-fed while still in their carseat.
  • Pack a separate bag with the diapers, food, and wipes you’ll need for the duration of the road trip. This way, you just have to deal with the one bag during the drive and you’re not spending time rummaging through other bags for stuff.
  • If you can, try to hold off on changing baby until you get to a Buccee’s or Love’s gas station. The bathrooms are super clean and there are plenty of changing tables. The bathrooms are also pretty big and, more space makes for easier diaper changes. If you aren’t in Texas and you’ve never heard of either of those places; I’m sure there are equivalents.

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