My baby needs surgery.

As hard as we’ve tried to get her to eat more with medication, and increased calories in her formula, she still isn’t gaining enough weight.

My husband and I met with the surgeon the other day and he walked us through the procedure. Basically, they are going to patch up the hole which seems simple enough. But before they can start patching, they’ll need to stop her heart.

They are going to stop my baby’s heart.

She will be on a heart and lung machine, so blood circulation will never stop. I know this but, I’m having an incredibly hard time getting past the fact that, at just 3 months old, my baby’s little heart will stop beating.

Honestly, my brain stopped recording what the surgeon was saying after this. Luckily, during Lilly’s pre-op appointment, we will be walked through the procedure again.

Her surgery is scheduled for October 15th and we will be staying in the hospital for the rest of that week. I was happy to find out that she will stay with us in the same room the entire hospital stay, even when she’s in the NICU the night after surgery.

This surgery is extremely common and there’s nothing to worry about; I trust her doctor and her surgeon seems wonderful. I’m staying positive but, I hate that my little one already needs a surgery. She’s just too little for all this 😦 I wish so badly that I could take her place.

Please keep my daughter in your thoughts and send us good vibes. We could really use some more positive energy during this time.

5 thoughts on “Surgery

    1. Thank you for the love and prayers! Did they need to do anything for Emma? We didn’t know about the vsd until Lilly was 2 months old. I’m wondering if the doctor who looked at her heart a bunch with ultrasound before she was born (who was a specialist) just missed it. I hope not.

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      1. I am a diabetic so I was a high risk pregnancy, They sent me for a fetal echocardiogram every few weeks after they found it just to make sure it wouldn’t effect her birth. They thought it was shrinking and possibly closed on the last cardiogram we had. Right now they are just monitoring her. She saw a pediatric cardiologist when she was born. We will need to follow up with them every few months until they are sure it wont create any problems. She was born a little premature so they did a lot of tests on her heart in the hospital.


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