New Challenges and New Thrills

Lilly had her follow-up with the cardiologist the other day and, we found out that she still hasn’t been gaining enough weight 😦 She did gain some and is now a little over 9 pounds, but the doctor said it was only acceptable and not ideal. Lilly is now on a second medication that is stronger and she will now need to take both medications twice a day.

Luckily, Lilly takes her medication like a champion. I am so proud fo my baby girl 🙂 We were also given instructions by her doctor on how to increase the calories in her feedings by making the formula denser. We changed the ratio so there’s more formula mixed in with the water and I’m really hoping that this does the trick. We found out at the appointment that Lilly’s particular defect can’t be fixed with just a catheter so, if she needs the surgery, it’ll mean a cut to the chest. I’m more worried now than I was before, but I’m trying to stay positive that the increased calories and new medication will work.

In other, happier news, Lilly had her very first swim class on Monday! It was so much fun and I absolutely adored being in the water with her. Paul was there too since it he was off from work and he took some really nice pictures. I was amazed at how calm Lilly was in the water; she seemed to really enjoy it! I’ve always said that I was a fish in a past life so, I’m hoping that Lilly inherited my love of the water. During class, we sang some water songs, rocked back and forth in the water, and Lilly got to practice floating on her back.

Lilly and I will be taking this class every Monday until January and I cannot wait to go to the next one.

As for me, I am finally going to start exercising regularly starting this coming Monday. I’ve been having a hard time finding a place to go workout since gyms are so expensive and we’re down to just one income. I finally found a relatively cheap solution with the Frisco Recreating Center. I start on Monday with a strength training class. What I’m most excited about, however, is Aquatic Fitness classes that are also offered at the rec center. Pregnancy completely ruined my joints so I really wanted to find something that would be low impact. What’s more low impact than being in water! 🙂 Like I said before, I was a fish in a former life so, aquatic fitness sounds like it’ll be perfect.

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