Baby’s First Road Trip

Roadtrippin’ with the little was a huge success! She slept a lot like I thought she would; we only needed to stop once to feed and change her. We stopped at Buccee’s and I had my very first public restroom changing table experience. It was kind of neat! And then two women stopped to gawk at my cute, little squish before we left again 🙂

It was so wonderful spending time with my family and close friends; we had such a great time! My grandpa has been visiting my mom for the past few weeks so seeing him was just amazing. He was over the moon happy to meet Lilly and I could feel my grandma there too.

As much as I could feel my grandma there with us, my heart is broken that she wasn’t actually there holding my daughter 😦 It feels so unfair; she would have loved it so much. My grandpa kept saying how happy my grandma would have been and it was all I could do not to break down.

My spirits were quickly lifted, however, since we were in San Antonio to celebrate my 29th birthday 🙂 I had such a fantastic weekend filled with love and happiness.

Lilly did so well too! She went to 5 (I really like eating) restaurants and was an angel for all of them! There were a few times where she got fussy, but she calmed down quickly each time. I am so proud of my girl! I think part of her being so good is that she’s still so young so she sleeps a lot, but I’m hoping she’ll remain good in restaurants as she gets bigger.

Honestly, this trip was probably too much for such a small human, but I’m thrilled with how it all went. I now feel confident in my abilities as a mom in public and that is so amazing.

Lilly’s next trip will be by plane for Thanksgiving and I’m excited to see how that one turns out 🙂

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