First Week Down

First week of stay at home mom life was a success! I only took Lilly on a walk once, but I also took her to my 6 week OB appointment, so she went for a walk and a drive. I found out that I’m pretty good at keeping Lilly quiet in waiting rooms! I keep her in the stroller and then move her around when she starts to fuss…she falls right back asleep 🙂

The 6 week appointment went well! My incision looks good and I’m cleared to resume everything like normal again 🙂 I think I’m most excited about being able to take baths. I wasn’t able to for a while due to risk of infection in my c-section incision but, everything’s fine now! Nothing beats a nice bath with a glass of wine.

I’m honestly very proud of how my first week alone with little girl went. We make such a great team! I was able to get on a schedule with her that she took to very quickly (eat, play/tummy time, sleep), so it was relatively easy. I even had time to shower and do household chores! I really loved being at home with Lilly; I felt so fulfilled and happy. There were a few times where Lilly fought sleep and fussed, but she was a model baby the rest of the time.

There were times, too, where my PPD reared its ugly head but, luckily, they were during the weekend so Paul could help. He let me sleep in yesterday and this morning and mommy definitely appreciates being able to recharge 🙂

In other news, Lilly is officially signed up for her first swim class! Well, it’s more like a water comfort class at this age. Bathtime Babies will start on September 2nd and I’m so excited! I will be getting in the water with her and we’ll learn things we can do to make bathtime more fun 🙂 I bought Lilly the cutest little newborn bathing suit and I can’t wait.

Second week of staying at home with girl starts tomorrow and I’m hoping it’s just as amazing as the first 🙂

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