Favorite Products So Far

I wanted to share with you guys a short list of my favorite products so far; we definitely could not live without any of them. With so many products for babies out there, it’s hard to know what to get. I wanted to make it a bit easier.

Mybaby Sound Spa On-the-Go: This sound machine was given to us as a gift at our baby shower and it has seriously been magic for us; Lilly is so much calmer when we have the white noise turn on. Other noises that are included are heartbeat, lullaby, white noise, and ocean waves. There is also a convenient ring attached making it so easy to hook onto Lilly’s bassinet and crib. Clink on the image to shop now 🙂

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger: I love boppies! Lilly is so comfortable in it and it’s nice to be able to lay her on the bed next to me while I’m watching TV or hanging out with friends at the house. I don’t like having her in her bassinet during the day because I want her to be awake and I want to be able to play with and see her. The boppy allows her to be up and with me, but also comfortable and relaxed. Click on the image to shop now 🙂

Delta Children’s Rocking Bassinet, Playtime Jungle: For some reason, finding a bassinet that was both JPMA certified and had good reviews was next to impossible. Finally I found this bassinet and it’s awesome. Lilly is very comfortable in it and it’s easy to move around when needed. Another cool thing about this bassinet is that it can play lullaby music, vibrate, and there is a light that you can switch on for nighttime diaper changes. This bassinet is also relatively easy to assemble. Click on the image to shop now 🙂

Angelcare Baby Bath Support: This little seat has been amazing for bath time. Lilly is well-supported and propped up and it allows us to have both hands free to bathe her. There are holes in the bottom too so she can sit in water without getting dunked too much. We just put the bath support seat down in our bathtub and set her down. The best part? Very easy to clean as it’s made of plastic. Click the image to shop now 🙂

Graco Duet Sway Swing with Portable Rocker: My mom bought us this rocker and it is seriously the best thing when Lilly is fussy and nothing seems to soothe her. The rocker moves from side to side and backwards and forwards and Lilly falls asleep almost immediately; I think it makes her feel like she’s still in the womb. Click the image to shop now 🙂

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