Two More Weeks

For the past five weeks, my husband has been home with me helping to take care of Lilly. The system we worked out is such that we share baby duties during the day and then switch off nights. This has been great because we’ve both been able get a decent amount of sleep when it isn’t our night to get up with the baby. We may both still wake up to Lilly’s cries but, it’s so nice being able to stay in bed and just relax when it’s Paul’s turn and vice versa.

Paul’s work gave him a full 12 weeks off but, he wanted to break it up instead of doing all 12 at once. He decided to only stay home until the beginning of August which means that he goes back to work in two more weeks.

I. Am. Terrified.

This means that I’ll be all alone to take care of Lilly during the day and I’ll also have to take over all baby care at night. I’m not sure I’m ready for that; the past few weeks ahve been tough for me even with Paul’s help. I’m hoping I’ll get into a good rhythm and it won’t be too difficult.

As nervous as I am for this change, I’m also super excited. I’ll be able to fully bond with Lilly since it’ll just be me and her all day and I’ll be able to really come into my own as a mother. And as Lilly gets older, I’ll be able to plan outings with her and I’m so excited to do things like take her to the park, the pool, and even the grocery store. I may even be able to meet other moms in my neighborhood so that Lilly and I have people to hang out with.

Lilly and I will fill our days with fun and then have lots to tell daddy when he gets home from work 🙂

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