Go Time

Well, this is it. This evening, my husband and I will be checking into the hospital for the delivery of our baby girl. I spoke with my doctor about the early induction and it’s because of my polyhydramnios (excessive amniotic fluid around the baby). They didn’t want all that fluid in there with baby for very long, but they wanted to make sure I made it to full term which is considered to be 37 weeks. I’ll be 37 weeks and 3 days when I get induced tomorrow morning.

Tonight I am scheduled for a cervical ripening which sounds terrifying, but just means the softening of my cervix. Not sure why they had to make it sound so dramatic, but whatever. I’ve been doing a lot of research online (Google has been my life ever since I got pregnant) and there are two different methods used for this.

  1. Mechanical Cervical Ripening: Forced dilation with a balloon catheter (Foley catheter). The balloon is inflated and opens the cervix over time. This sounds pretty uncomfortable to me and I’m hoping they do something different tonight.
  2. Medical Cervical Ripening: Oral tablet or vaginal suppository hat helps start dilation of the cervix. This sounds way easier; I can take pills like a champ.

As for the induction, I read that Pitocin is used to start up the labor contractions. I’ve been contracting like a mad woman for about a month now, but the Pitocin will start the real contractions that lead to cervical dilation. I read that Pitocin makes the contractions much stronger which I’m not excited about, but I’m hoping that it won’t be too terrible with pain medication.

I’m pretty nervous about the delivery, but I’m over-the-moon excited at the same time. I know that women have been giving birth forever so, I’m not scared I won’t be able to do it, but I’m very sensitive and have a low threshold for pain. I didn’t want an Epidural at first, mainly because the idea of it freaks me out, but now I’m thinking I’ll get one. I just want to wait as long as I can in case I can’t move or go to the bathroom by myself afterward. I don’t like the idea of being all but paralyzed in a bed. I definitely want IV pain medication, though; I don’t think I’d be able to handle the pain without that.

I really hope that this is a pleasant experience (as pleasant as delivering a baby can be) and that the nurses are nice. I mean, I know they’ll be nice, but I’ll probably need to be babied to help my nerves and anxiety. I feel ok now, but I know I’ll be a nervous wreck as soon as I’m in that hospital bed.

I just can’t believe that in just a few days my husband and I will be bringing home our daughter. A real, live daughter! And how perfect that today is Father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and to my husband who’s been nothing short of perfect at taking care of his girls.

6 thoughts on “Go Time

  1. Are you dilated at all? Usually they won’t bother with the folley bulb if you are 2cm+. I had it with my first induction and it wasn’t bad at all. 🙂

    You definitely shouldn’t be feeling any pain with the epidural. I personally didn’t want iv pain meds because I was afraid it would make me sleepy and forgetful.

    I hope it goes really well and smooth for you and I’m excited to read about your birth experience!


    1. I just got a call from the anesthesiologist actually. Tonight, I’ll be getting a suppository for the ripening. I’m barely 1cm dilated last they checked. Thank you for following me and for the comment 🙂


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