I received an email on Friday afternoon from the hospital labeled “Updated Induction Information”. I hadn’t heard anything from my OB so, I assumed it was just an email re-confirming my induction for July 8th and 9th.

They apparently moved my induction date up to June 17th with a check-in on June 16th. Super cute since it’s father’s day, but…


It would have been nice to have received a call from my OB with this information, since it’s a bit short notice, but I’m sure she’ll explain this change at our appointment on Wednesday. Which will apparently be my last OB appointment of this pregnancy :O

I’m assuming the reason for this change is the extra fluid I have around baby and the constant contractions I’ve been having despite their efforts to stop them, so I’m glad they found a solution, but my head has been spinning since I read that email.

As much as I’ve complained these last few weeks about how hard of a time I’ve been having with the end of this pregnancy, I’m honestly sad to see it end so soon. Being pregnant has become who I am, in a way, and I’m not really sure who’ll I’ll be once my body is my own again. I’m excited to meet my little one sooner, but I feel like I’m scrambling and I’m a little terrified.

On top of all this, the sooner induction date has caused me to make changes to the birth plan I had envisioned. When I was first thinking about birth plans, I thought it only entailed the hospital procedures that I wanted. I kept that part really simple since I know that crazy things happen and it’s better to just go with the flow. I was saving myself disappointment by doing it this way. However, I didn’t think that the people I wanted with me at the hospital were also part of my birth plan.

I had planned to have my two best friends in the delivery room with me and my husband and then have family come visit at the hospital after the delivery to see the new addition. With a due date of July 5th, it was guaranteed that everyone would have gotten the DTAP vaccine 2 weeks prior, and would be able to take the time off to come see me. But now that the induction date moved up a few weeks, it looks like my husband and I will be doing this alone.

It’s not the end of the world, and it makes it more private this way, but I was really excited to have friends there for moral support; I just know I’ll be a nervous wreck so, the more people there to distract me the better. My mom was going to come to the hospital too, but now she’ll have to come see us once we’re home from the hospital. Even my husband’s mom won’t be able to come see us until after.

I’m really hoping that everything goes well with the birth and that my husband and I are able to take it all in and relish in the moment. I’m hoping that my nerves subside and that I can bring my daughter into this world with nothing but love and happiness. My world is about to change completely and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

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